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Posted by on Jul 7, 2016 in Blog |

Los Angeles Affordable Housing News

Los Angeles Affordable Housing News

USModular, Inc. is pleased to invite you to watch us install a new 1,306sq. ft 3 bedroom 2 bath home on July 11, 2016 in Los Angeles in 1 day. This energy efficient home has a classic Modern Craftsman style with volume ceilings and a large front porch.

The address is 4893 Axtell Street, Los Angeles, CA 90032.

This custom home was designed and built by USModular, Inc. using Off-Site Modular Construction, aka Prefab Construction for a local Non-Profit Developer. Modular  Construction  marries the efficiencies of factory production and the quality of Site Built Construction to build homes of high quality that are built in ½ the time of a traditional site built home.

Modular homes are built indoors in a factory to meet the local building codes, are transported to the site in sections (modules) and installed on a permanent foundation using a large crane. The homes are appraised and financed the same as any other Site Built home.

USModular, Inc. is a licensed full service design build general contractor that specializes in Off-Site Modular Construction. In addition to the high quality of a home built in a factory environment there is labor savings on prevailing wage projects as a majority of the home is built Off-Site – outside of prevailing wages.   A USModular, Inc. team member  joined SCANPH and is working with several Nonprofits throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and Imperial Counties. They have built guest homes, custom single family homes, and a 100,000 sf apartment project; all with Off-Site Modular Construction.

Visit the site early on July 11, 2016 to see this home  installed on the permanent foundation. This home will be complete with appliances and interior and exterior finishes including energy efficient “cool roof” tiles. USModular, Inc. reps will be on site to answer your questions or you can visit the website at:



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