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Posted by on Jan 10, 2017 in Blog |

Smart Decisions You Can Make When Building a New Home

Stay awake and alert while spending money on building a new home!

Plan, Then Build – Have the details in place before you start building. That means not just knowing how the floor plan will look but knowing how the rooms will be finished.  This process takes place before you sign final construction contract.  Pick your finishes including cabinets, flooring, tile, windows, doors, etc.

Hire the right people  Make sure you get all licensed contractors and professionals. Make sure they are properly insured.  Make sure the General Contractor has experience.

Don’t build too big. Sure, you may have a lot of stuff, and you might look longingly at mansions and want the same thing.  But if that’s the route you want to take, then think long and hard about what you’re about to do. What may be right for you now may not be right for you in 10 years, or even next year. A larger house is just more expensive and harder to maintain and clean.

Think about the resale value now. Even if you never intend to sell your home, and plan to pass it to family members, assume that you might sell it someday.  So build your dream home, but don’t make it a nightmare for someone else.

Keep your mortgage within reason.   Many construction loans will roll to permanent mortgages so make sure the payments are within your budget.

But don’t sacrifice all of your amenities. It is a good idea  to   include  some of the “extras” like tile baths, upgraded windows  or hardwood floors  provided your  mortgage won’t be  too much higher as its cheaper to build these at time of construction than after you have already moved in.

Check in on the work. Keep the surprises for holiday gifts and birthday presents. Don’t get sucked into the idea that it would be fun to have someone drive you up to your new house, while blindfolded, so you can have a surprise unveiling. Make sure things are matching your expectations and ask questions if they don’t. The worst option is to remain quiet and end up with something that you are unhappy with or have to pay to fix after the fact.

Don’t let your dream home cloud your reality. Let’s end this on admittedly a bit of a downer – to prevent you from having an unhappy ending when building your own home. Having a house custom built can be an amazing experience, but it can also be a stressful time, and no matter what you might be thinking.  Planning and designing a home that is within your budget and that will meet your needs will make the project much easier.  Building homes with modular construction – also make life easier – as majority of home is built in a production facility that eliminates site issues and shortens the build cycle.

The US Modular, Inc. team of professionals is ready to help you design and build your new custom home and help avoid all of the above issues.


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